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Government Services

Our customer service, product and level of knowledge not only sets a precedence but our ongoing commitment to continuously improve our services is transparent in our relationship to our clients, claimants and staff.

Our assessors primarily work with human resources personnel to help manage independent medical evaluations. Our assessors handle employee, employer and unions cases with sensitivity and transparency. Assessors are available for every type of case and are experienced professionals within their respective fields of expertise. Assessors are available for trial, arbitration and pre and post assessment consultations.

Our Services

Independent Medical Evaluations (All disciplines)

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Functional and Medical Evaluations

In-Home Assessment

Vocational Rehabilitation Evaluation

Job Demands Analysis

Ergonomic Assessment

Mental Health Services

Psychiatric Assessment

Psychological Assessment

Neuropsychological Assessment

Health Addiction Assessment

Additional Services

File Reviews

Paper Reviews

Surveillance Reviews

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